ALIS+ – Automatic Runway Announcement

On many airfields of the flight controllers can certainly take on other tasks, as only waiting for landing aircraft. The main thing is that it is accessible as a competent person in an emergency. For this purpose we have developed the runway announcement which can be easily connected to any existing radio (ground station). The pilot gets an automatic response with the country information to its request at the space frequency.

ALIS_PC_SoftwareRunway announcement PC SoftwareDie runway announcement was developed entirely in Germany. The development took place in cooperation with the active pilots (PPL u. CPL / IFR). These have their expertise introduced instrumental in developing the runway announcement in the field of aviation, so the runway announcement is optimally matched to the needs of pilots and flight controllers.

Principle of operation

ALIS_3p_rDepending on the configuration of the runway announcement works completely automatically and takes over the switching of the landing direction based on the current weather conditions. The recording of the weather data is carried out in conformity with the guidelines of the German Weather Service (DWD).

In addition to these tasks the runway announcement can merge all collected sensor data on a web page, giving you a place operators add value to information for pilots and visitors to your website.

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